How to Choose a Profitable Niche for Your Blog in May 2023?

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You are here, which means, you have been confused to choose a proper niche for your blog or website.

Please continue reading to the end. You will get a clear idea about blog niche and you can select an appropriate niche for your blog.

Let’s come to the point!

We always try to express our views through writing but we all stop ourselves when we start our writing. We want the starting line to be attractive but later we all start in the same conventional way.

Sometimes we don’t even have an idea of what we shall write or maybe we have an idea but we cannot work on it properly and finally, we also don’t know if it is going to work or not. This must seem familiar to you because I am one of you who faces the same problem.

How to Choose Appropriate Niche for Your Blog

A perfect start for the blog is Niche, and choosing a perfect niche for your blog to start is a big deal. This niche can make your technical blog also a preferable one to read rather than boring. You may have many ideas about the niche but for a few this “niche” is creating confusion in their mind.

As I am writing this for everyone so don’t worry, I will let you know about this Niche thoroughly and how to choose the perfect one for you. You need three questions to come up with your blog. The one is the niche that will raise your blog, monetize you, and stick with you in your journey.

Maybe you are struggling with the term and can’t come up with the blog niche in the first place then this will help you to come up with the solution how to make your blog more attractive by using niche. I am suggesting you some tips that will definitely help you in your blogging and make your blog more creative.

Niche for your blog

Niche officially means relating or denoting a product, interest, or service that bid to a specialized or small part of the population.

So, in general, a niche means a particular section that is the main part of a broad topic. Take an example to understand better, “Films” is a topic whereas “art films” and “commercial films” are niches in that broad topic of films. You can be more specific with your niches to add more volume.

Now you must be thinking that how shall these niches can make your blog more interesting.

What blog niche is for?

Yes, that is what comes to my mind also at first. So, a niche for your blog is nothing but overshadowing the topic on which your blog is focusing. It will be the roof of your blog under which your blogs will be categorized.

For example, if you are a big fan of commercial movies then your blogs will fall under these topics only. But the most important thing is to choose the topic and the audience you target for.

You also need to serve the correct information in it as every audience who will follow your blogs will also be a fan of commercial movies so if you generate any wrong information in it then they will underrate your blogs. They are also a Niche audience.

Blog Niche, where it comes from?

Well in this process, you need good planning before writing. You need to validate your ideas properly. You must have sorted out many topics on which you want to write but figure out what you want to write in general.

Maybe you are now figuring out the ideas in your brain and also getting more ideas but I can give you some ideas which can make you feel relaxed and help you in your work.

  • Firstly, think about your daily life, and check if any subject is popping out from there or not.
  • Follow more blogs than before.
  • Look around your house, and the things you use, and see if they can give you some fruitful ideas to write.
  • Check your online shopping sites, and the order histories, maybe they work out for you.
  • Read more magazine articles.

More confusion about your Niche

After completing my information up to keyword search, maybe you find this irrelevant. Of course, but don’t skip because these are additional advice to you on my behalf of me.

Choose your audience – If your niche is broad then firstly target your audience. The interested audience will only spend their time on your broad niche else others will get bored with it. Try to make it more informative to entertain your audience.

Make it more Sale Potential – Try to make your niche more sales potential. You must be thinking about how to do that, just select your niche and run it through websites like Amazon, Udemy, etc like websites’ search engines. Change your sorting in the search engine to Most Reviews and you will get the exact reviews the product has gotten and you will also conclude what is there in the product.

Don’t stop there, again search for it on other websites too, this is how you could come to know about the market interest.

Market Competition – You can never choose a completely unique niche and it is quite obvious. Yes, may some niche competition is high and few are low. So, there are top sites where you can see how many people had a search for the same niche in a single day. Even you can search on your niche then you can see how many have posted their blogs on the same niche.

According to the high domain authority, if it is hard then it will be harder to compete with the site over a particular niche. It will be better if you choose the average domain authority for the first time with your niche.

Accurate Blog Niche – Choose a niche whose search metric volume is low. But this is not to be focused every time but you just try to follow this as you are new in this world. You try to focus on these things until you establish yourself as an authority and gain traffic and revenue in a consistent flow. As you achieve it, then you can freely choose your niche or write on any niche.

If you can continue writing on the same topic for a year with daily blog posts: This is probably the main thing for you to think about.

On the internet, you also may have noticed that people start with enthusiasm and post one or two blogs every week and it continues for two months if you see very keenly then you can see people properly providing you with an interesting blog for one and a half months. Then they start dropping off.

So, you just think that if you can continue with your niche for at least one year or not with more than 50 blogs.

This is not to demotivate you but to make you aware of the situation so that you can carry on with your niche well. If you start writing blogs on your preferred niche then you have to work hard on it to continue.

If writing for a year doesn’t prove successful then you can try two things:

  1. Do more research on the particular topic. Think more about that topic, and keep updating your vocabulary as new words can bring you more audiences. Keep your more informative rather than descriptive.
  2. Secondly, you can hire an external writer to write for you to increase your blog post.

Choosing a specific topic – Choosing a specific topic is an important part as I mentioned earlier. Now, you may think about how to choose a specific topic out of so many choices, and this confusion is most common.

So, in the case of selecting a perfect niche, you should focus on your interest. Whatever topic you are choosing, you need to have command over that otherwise your efforts will be zero.

Validate your planned list of Niches

After the above process, you may get a few ideas in your brain on which you can write a blog. Now, the second process is to find out the best one to write about. After getting ideas for niches, you may have found out more. then two or three ideas and now you even have to select the best one to write about among those topics you have searched for.

Yes! Maybe you are questioning yourself how to find the best one from that. So, I am sharing a few tips to find out.

  • Pick topics in which you have interest only.
  • Do a survey about the audiences interested in the same topic you had chosen.
  • Check if you can earn profit and popularity both from it or not.
  • Try to select your passionate topic about the product so that you can sell it and can earn money.
  • An audience survey is necessary because if no one else is interested in it rather than you can’t make a profit from it.
  • Most importantly, if your topic is a hotcake and liked by many audiences but you can’t make money from it still you can do it to earn popularity. But of course, it is highly your choice and the goals you have.

Plug into Google Trends

Google Trends is a very important tool and it is the easiest way to start off. This can help you with two data points:

  • If people are searching for your niche or not.
  • Secondly, if the interest in your niche is increasing or decreasing market interest.

This is not a deep market analysis but you will get primary data on it.

The things you need to know about:

  • Search the main terms of the chosen niche.
  • Switch to Google Trends.
  • Plug into your terms.

Keyword Research

You must get ideas on the niche and its popularity from google trends. But google trends do not inform you how many people are exactly searching for the same niche. Go a little deeper with your keyword research. The keyword research will come with the exact number of audiences searching for the keywords in your niche every month.

So, what you need to do is to select and analyze your listed keywords related to the niche.

The Lesson you Get – While deciding your blog niche, you need to do a proper study on your audiences. You have to know who are your targeted audiences. You also have to know about the way your audience will prefer to read your blogs.

As we all know the competition is at its peak so obviously why an individual will read your blog they have many other choices, but attracting them to you is the main thing.

What I mean to say is to do research before writing is natural but do a little research before choosing a niche too. It is better to write for a particular audience than to write for everyone to earn more popularity.

Every happening topic is vast so if you can shoot a small topic then it will help you to attract an audience. So, it will be better to heat a niche instead of hitting the main topic. So, before writing, do research on which you can hit more audiences and which topic can get more attention in the market.

Get an example

You may sometimes think that tech will be the hitting topic for you even if some people even ask me for advice. But technology is increasing daily and it has many divisions in it. Before starting your tech blog, you have to check out what kind of products are mostly preferred in the market and why people are buying those devices.

These niches can include:

  • Recording engineers & musicians
  • Podcasters
  • Expats
  • Developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Marketers
  • Writers

Graphic designers These examples can be more useful for you. A freelancing blog needs to be focused on graphic designers and likewise, a personal financing blog will focus on freelancers.

Future goals – Well! While starting your blog, you need to focus on your future goal, you can keep your blog name broad so that you have the liberty to expand your target audiences without rebranding. Rebranding can burden you in the future. Of course! You won’t but I mentioned as most people make this mistake of rebranding after launching their blogs.

You must be thinking that this process is too difficult but once you start writing and do these steps once later you will not at all be worried about doing this. There will be thousands of people posting on the same niche and keywords so, you just need to focus on the main information about the niche.

As you get your suitable blog niche, start working on your blog. Start with a hosting account in Hostinger, or install Word Press on your server, and choose your blog theme.

The most important part for you is to research an audience who can target your niche and the problems the audience facing. If you can directly interpret with them then it can be better than anything or you can also take help from different sites and forums.

You can read the reviews of low-starred products, and converse with customers over Facebook groups. These things can know you better about the demands of the customer, their likes, and dislikes.

Once you come to know about your audiences’ choices, figure out those things, and make an editorial calendar that will remind you about the dislikes of your audiences while writing. It will help you to nurture your blogs and it will also help to make your blog popular among your audience. I hope you will keep these things in your mind while selecting a niche and writing a blog on it. I just choose to be more informative rather than descriptive. I wish you luck in flourishing your blogs and get more popularity in this vast world.

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