Marketpresso Review: Build Your own Marketplace Within Minute

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In this revolutionary life, everything becomes online. In the olden days, If you wanted to sell any product or service, you needed to invest some capital for Physical appearance. Later the technological revolution brings all things online. How will be your Answer if I said, how you can sell any product or service without building an online store? Yes, it is possible with the help of a Marketplace. Marketplace allows you to sell your service and products at a very low initial cost. A Marketplace gives an opportunity of earning online for all the business owners.

Marketpresso Review

Many people have heard about marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. Nowadays these marketplaces have become too competitive. They charge you a 20% fee for each successful order. If you are entering into this marketplace with your own product or service, it is very difficult for you to stand against the other seller with better reviews.

Now your next question is “How will I get a marketplace that serves enough traffic to generate a sale for my product or service?”

MarketPresso is the solution that you are looking for!

Here is the complete MarketPresso review.

MarketPresso Review

What is Marketpresso?

MarketPresso is a web-software that helps you to show your own online presence by creating your own marketplace.

This marketplace will provide you an opportunity to grow your revenue by providing your product or service to the more clients. It also pushes you to get more orders. It will eliminate the competition for your product and service.

MarketPresso is unique from other market places. You are able to sell your product or service without any competition. MarketPresso also allows you to keep the entire profits.

MarketPresso Founder

The founders of MarketPresso are Kartik Ramani and Sourabh Bhatnagar.

Kartik Ramani is a well-known personality in the world of the digital marketing industry. Many people from digital marketing industries referred to Kartik as an inspirational icon. He is becoming popular due to some of his products and services like EverFunnel, Social Marketing Suite, Channel Authority Builder, Lead Monster, One Links,

Sourabh Bhatnagar is a popular Facebook™ ads and funnels expert. Kartik teamed up with Sourabh for developing the MarketPresso platform. These two excellent creators ensure you provide your own marketplace.

Benefit of Marketpresso

Let’s discuss the inner aspect of the MarketPresso.

Create Your Own Professional and visually attractive marketplace.

Your Online Presence will make a huge impact on the visitors. Catch their attention and enforce them to buy your service or product. The MarketPresso will definitely increase your traffic and ultimately you get more conversion.

There are many types of service or product you are allowed to sell on MarketPresso.

  • Physical Product.
  • Digital Product.
  • Graphics Designing.
  • Video Creation.
  • Video Marketing.
  • Content writing.
  • Online Marketing.
  • Voiceover.
  • Copyright.
  • Concept Building.
  • Audio editing.
  • Web development.
  • Consultation.
  • Gaming.
  • Chatbots.
  • Stock Collection.
  • Translation
  • SEO
  • Landing Page
  • Digital Marketing Services.
  • Ebook
Marketpresso Review: Build Your own Marketplace Within Minute

Sell with No Competition

There are thousands of people on Fiverr and Upwork are providing the same service in every niche. There are many sellers who are well established in their niche with better reviews. This is the time where MarketPresso provides an opportunity to sell your product or service with zero competition.

Get Buyer’s Details

In comparison with well-established marketplace platforms, you can easily collect detailed information of the customer once service sale happens. You can build your master list. This looks very simple, but it will help to bring recurring orders.

No Starting Fees Required and Keep 100% Profits

Many Marketplace platforms charge you a 20% fee against your every sale. However, you can instantly start your online business without investing anything. MarketPresso Charges you 1% fee only if you crossed $5,000 order worth.

Getting Clients Training

You can access training through the member area. This training will help you to be ready to get a client from different places. This training provides a detailed idea about every aspect of the MarketPresso.

Be a Local Market Superhero

The local Businesses are unable to do such things for them. You need to share your marketplace link with them. When they need your service or product, they will contact you.

Automatic Google Indexing

MarketPresso will provide a Blog feature where you can create attractive and informative content for your product and service. Google automatically indexes these contents. This assists you to drive the huge traffic on your service or product.

Smart LinkedIn Filters

This is the amazing feature of the MarketPresso. You can easily reach out to the targeted client through this features, you can filter them according to their profession, demographics, current company, etc

Access To “Revenue Rolodex” Training

Revenue Rolodex training will provide you with an exact strategy to bring free traffic on your service or product and Grab a client. Many business owners are looking for genuine service providers. Your own Marketplace will be different from the normal freelancer.

Training By Forbes Recognized Trainer

The co-founder of the MarketPresso Saurabh recognized Facebook™ ads expert by Forbes. Saurabh will teach you in a live training that is available in the Member area. Saurabh will train you the way through which you bring your business in front of manypeoples. This is the golden opportunity to learn from experts.

MarketPresso Has recently launched the update with some new and exciting features.

Beautifully Designed Home Page

In many businesses, your first impression plays an important role to convert customers into sales. MarketPresso has an impressive homepage which impacts customers for a long time.

It helps to be more confident in making purchases, which leads to generating more sales.

Marketpresso Review: Build your own Marketplace within Minute

Category, Sub-Category, and Smart Menu

MarketPresso Provide an opportunity to create a professional page for your service or product. It includes all the categories and subcategories. The Logo Designing is a subcategory of Graphic Designing.

You can design your business page more attractive and user friendly through this feature. This feature provides a hassle free finding and ordering experience to the customer.

Highly Converting Service Page

MarketPresso provides an excellent feature through which you can showcase your service or product in the beautiful image/video slider. It helps the customer to understand your service and product. MarketPresso also provides a free flow text editor which allows you to create an impressive description for your service and product.

It definitely enhances your sales with this dual impact of slider and texts.

Service Packages

MarketPresso provide three different types of packages (Basic, Standard, and Premium) for your product or service. This feature gives freedom of providing more service at a better price. You earn more profit once sales happened.

Smart Pricing

MarketPresso provides you a right to set the price for your work.

  • Time (Per Hour or Minute or Second)
  • The number of words.
  • Duration of the script.
  • Fixed Price.
  • Flexible Price.
  • No. of Unit.
  • Set your own variables.

Real-Time Order and Message Notifications

MarketPresso instantly notifies you for new orders and chat messages. It helps you to take quick action. This feature will enhance the thrust and conversion of your service.

MarketPresso Review and Testimonials

You can easily impact the new customer through the testimonials and reviews of the older customers. MarketPresso provides you both options, either you can show your reviews or you can hide them.

Add To Cart

This feature will boost your profit by increasing orders.

Unlimited Hosting and CNAME Mapping – Whitelabel Solution

Your own marketplace is hosted on very fast and secure hosting. So you do not need to worry about it. The Marketplace never demands anything for this.

Payment Gateway Integration

MarketPresso is equipped with Paypal & Stripe top payment gateway. MarketPresso has integrated many other secured payment platforms soon so stay tuned!

Custom Code

This is the great feature of the MarketPresso which provides you a retargeting customer feature. You just need to add custom code so that you can retarget your customer through pop up notifications and custom notifications.

Badges on Offers

MarketPresso provides highlights so that you can grab more attention from the customers. It assists you to generate more sales and enhance your profits.

Language Translation

This feature allows the customer to place an order from any corner of the world. You can translate MarketPresso into various languages instantly.

Browsing History

The browsing history will help to show the product or service to the customer where they were interested. Basically this feature is quite similar to Amazon. This feature generates rapid sales.

Email Integration

MarketPresso is equipped with well known email service providers. You can immediately add your custom in the email list and market your service and product through email.


This feature feels to the customer very comfortable with your service or products. You just need to write a FAQ for your marketplace.

Mobile-Friendly Platform

MarketPresso is effectively optimized for the mobile so that you can make a profit through the sales on the mobile.

User Management and Customers Profile

The user Management dashboard will allow you to handle all activities. You can find your customer through this dashboard. You may shortlist a potential customer and target them for the sale through an appropriate marketing strategy.

100% Cloud-Based

MarketPresso is a cloud-based web application. This application will work perfectly on Windows or Mac or Desktop or Tablet.

Who Should Buy This?

MarketPresso is a very good choice for the people who are running their service online. If you wish to run your online service effectively and efficiently then MarketPresso is for yours. MarketPresso create a selling platform for all the people but especially if you are belonging from Small or Local Business, Product Creators, Freelancers, Marketers, Entrepreneur, Professionals, and Newbie, then you should consider the MarketPresso

Price for Marketpresso Pro

You need to pay a $47 onetime fee to access the amazing features of the MarketPresso Front End.

MarketPresso Pro has two types of licenses.

  • MarketPresso Pro Lite license for $87. Only a one-time upgrade charge.
  • MarketPresso Pro Elite license for $97. Only a one-time upgrade charge.
MarketPresso Pro Pricing

Exclusive One Time Bonuses


I hope, you understand all the aspects of MarketPresso. This amazing product is not available at a cheaper price. It is a pearl product at this price. I am sure you don’t want to lose this wonderful opportunity.

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