What is Scroll Stopper Video and Best Tools to Create It in May 2023

Searching for a solution to increase your sales to 2x?

Let me show you how.

A scroll stopper video is a thumb-stopping video that can make people stop scrolling once they see scroll stopping videos on social media platforms.

According to 74% of marketers, video provides a better return on investment than static pictures. As a result, most organizations’ content marketing strategies now include videos.

Do you know why?

The solution is to use a scroll stopper video, which is available in a variety of formats. Scroll stoppers are excellent for drawing attention to social media posts or video advertisements.

You can grab more people’s attention, produce more traffic, and generate more purchases once you start using scroll stopper video advertising.

To Know everything in Detail keeps reading my Article on Scroll Stopper.

Before start reading my article let’s see an example of the Scroll Stopper video.

How does Scroll Stopper Video drive sales?

The report says that Every Month more or less 1.25 Billion Facebook users watch videos, which made the platform Market-friendly and allows marketers to use Facebook Video ads to their advantage.

Other video-focused social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are hugely popular and may help firms sell their products quickly.

You need scroll stopper video since it helps your clients pay attention to your business and generates the greatest leads.

Statistics Indicate Videos have a higher conversion rate as much as 90% than any other Marketing Campaign.

Let me provide you with more Insights.

  1. A Scroll Stopper Video is essential to virtually hook the customer.
  2. Video view gradually increases when you use a Scroll Stopper.
  3. Clicking the Play Button more than twice can also help to engage your audiences.
  4. Helps you to publish your branding seamlessly among your target audience.
  5. Lastly, you also can add a brand message with attractive stopping video content.

How to create Scroll Stopper Video?


To know how a Scroll Stopper Video is created?

Don’t Worry, You don’t need any help from experts, rather you can buy a scroll Stopper Video Creation Service to Save Money and time eventually.

Don’t give yourself an opportunity to your subordinates to try the service at the first instance, or else you can try it for the first time.

Because certain animation video production tools and internet video creator software make generating scroll-stopper video advertisements simple.

In this piece, I’ll discuss the finest tools for generating jaw-dropping films and hooking your consumers to help you build the greatest scroll-stopper video.

Feeling Confused!! Which Tool to choose?

It is certain, that to make a Scroll Stopping Video we need to have a single platform.

Really, you should be more generous when it comes to choosing a single tool rather than relying on Multiple Tools.

For your ease, I have found the 3 best video creation tools which will obviously help in creating Scroll Stopping Videos, as well as it, will help in creating promo videos, marketing videos, Doodle Videos, and much more.

Let’s move on and try to understand which will be the best pick for you.


CreateStudio is a popular video-creation tool for animators. You can generate the greatest scroll-stopper films with this animation video maker’s excellent quality 80+ effects and drag-and-drop capabilities.

Benefits: The nicest part of CreateStudio is that it doesn’t require any specific hardware. It will work with any Windows and IOS system that was set up during the last 5 years or so.

Pricing: To use CreateStudio, you must purchase a commercial lifetime license for $67 (ideal for individuals or freelancers), and $349/year with the access all-access pass.

Now that I’ve introduced CreateStudio to you, the most crucial thing I need to show you is how to make scroll-stopper videos in CreateStudio.

Moving on to create Scroll Stopper Video using CreateStudio

Creating the scroll-stopper video in CreateStudio is pretty easy, Most of the video-making journey can be accomplished using the Scroll stopper Video Templates available in 2D and 3D animation software.

Let’s walk you through the steps:

Step 1: CreateStudio has a number of scroll-stopper templates. You are free to choose any of them as your requirement.

Step 2: Once you select a particular template It will get loaded in the Dashboard.

Step 3: On the left side of the dashboard, there is a plethora of project material organized by distinct services. You can choose one that you like or modify it to meet your needs.

Step 4: A multitude of project content is organized by separate services on the dashboard’s left side. You can pick the one you prefer or change it to suit your needs.

Step 5: If you’re not happy with the final scroll-stopper effect, you may switch to another one using the narrative panel on the left side of the dashboard.

You may select from a variety of scroll-stopper effects here. By just dragging and dropping the media with your preferred scroll stopper, you may generate free-made interfaces.

Step 6: It’s now time to choose the medium, for which there are several popular searches. You can select or type your desired media, or you can use one of the pre-existing options.

Step 7: The content must then be customized to reflect the services or goods that your company provides. You may also personalize the replies, and your scroll stopper is complete.

In my opinion, making a scroll-stopper video is the most exciting video production I’ve ever done.

CreateStudio also allows you to make other types of videos.

CreateStudio is a highly capable video creator that allows you to produce practically any form of video, including explainer videos, 2D animation videos, 3D animation videos, lesson videos, doodle videos, and a variety of other types of animation videos.

Here, I will let you know the other types of videos that you can create using CreateStudio

Doodle Video

A doodle video is an animated, training, explainer, or marketing film that is generated on a whiteboard, glass board, or other forms of the background using handshapes as the narrator paints your marketing message.

You can quickly make doodle films with CreateStudio and modify them with your voice-over or the software’s many soundtrack selections.

Benefits of Doodle Video
  1. Customers are more likely to figure out the next word that the hand would type as a result of videos, which boosts engagement.
  2. In the video, a pattern is created by hand, and spectators are intrigued as to which figure will be drawn. It also encourages visitors to watch your movie for extended periods of time.
  3. Capturing and attracting attention with videos not only saves time but also helps to develop a relationship with the buyer, who is more likely to buy or use your service in the future.

Stomp Teasers

Stomp Teasers is titled by the appealing background music of a giant stomping on a pile of old wood. The power sound may be used to promote new products and services through short teaser trailers.

With its quick transitions and dynamic text animations, CreateStudio has made making stomp videos a breeze.

Benefits of Stomp Teasers:
  1. Stomp teasers are the current craze; they’re really imaginative and include bold, stylish animation.
  2. Perfect for generating sleek and modern stomping background music for a business opener, corporate presentation, epic, trailer, or product intro.
  3. The stomping sound is so intense that it arouses attention and keeps viewers interested in viewing the entire film.

YouTube Motion Graphics:

Motion Graphics are short bits of animation or digital footage that are frequently paired with audio and used to change or enhance the appearance of Youtube videos.

Character animation and effects animations may be used to make Youtube motion graphics. It’s a more stylish way of showing your videos.

Advantages of Creating YouTube Motion Graphics :
  1. With dynamic graphics like “thank you for watching,” “watch the latest mini-series,” and another similar call to action, YouTube MoGraphics may freshen your brand.
  2. By clicking on the watch more window, YouTube MoGraphics encourages visitors to watch more of your videos.
  3. YouTube MoGraphics is the greatest option for providing a strong call to action, such as subscribing to our channel or watching more videos, with background music that makes it appear intriguing.

I have just walked you through the three types of videos that you can create easily with CreateStudio. But it’s last, but not the least

After Purchasing you will be able to create any type of video using CreateStudio Software like sales videos, funny inspiring videos, Teaching and Training videos, and much more.

Let me revise its pricing, it is available at a standard cost of $99 or $299/year (best for a video production company or marketing agency) or a $67 one-time purchase but need to buy upgrades if required

CreateStudio Pro


With its ready-made templates and visual elements, Offeo is an online video platform that makes the creation of short videos simple and Reliable. Offeo was founded by long-time friends Clement Chia and David Lee. Offeo could be much more suitable to use in a professional setup.

Pricing: Offeo costs $19 a month or $98 for a lifetime subscription.

Steps to Create a Scroll Stopper Video In Offeo :

Step 1: You may create a translucent image by uploading the product or service image and then removing the backdrop.

Step 2: If you’re seeking vibrant images, the site has a number of picture videos to choose from.

Step 3: You may either build the movie with a white backdrop or with a colorful background and position the product above it.

Step 4: The next step is to insert the logo; you may choose the form and then position the logo in the left or right-hand corner as desired.

Step 5: You may choose the layer and the text in the left-hand corner by clicking on it.

Step 6: This merely reminded me of the wonderful visuals you use to give it a professional appearance. On the top line of a few dashboards, there are also animations.

Step 7: You may also select your preferred animation, dialogue, and effects.

Step 8: After you’ve finished, save your project and download it in the video format you need.

Other Different Videos you can create on Offeo:

Offeo isn’t just for making thumb-stopping or scroll-stopping films; it can also be used to make a variety of other videos.

Product Promos:

Product promotional movies are made to promote a certain product.

Advantages of Creating Product Promos:
  1. Promo films are an excellent way to raise awareness and attract new visitors.
  2. The films may both engage and entice current visitors to return to your site.
  3. Future customers or prospective clients may want a little additional encouragement to test your goods or service.
  4. Promo films with specific incentives such as coupons or discounts might make customers happy and more inclined to make a purchase.

Logo Animation:

The use of animated components and dynamic effects to convert a static logo into an intriguing one is known as logo animation. Strong music, a background soundtrack, sound effects, and subtle music add to the animation’s appeal.

Advantages of Creating Logo Animation
  1. Because it contains animation and special effects, animation logos may pique the interest of potential consumers, current customers, and future customers.
  2. Your logo design will stand out from the crowd thanks to the visual effects and motion, and it will, of course, attract the visitor’s attention.
  3. A tiny 1-minute film is worth 1.8 million words, so the dynamic imagery and substance of an animated logo are guaranteed to stick with you.

Offeo may be used to produce branded design videos, gaming intro, outro films for YouTube, short video advertising, social media video ads, typographic videos, commercial videos, and much more, in addition, to scroll stopper videos, product promotions, and logo animation.

Its Pricing is revised to $98


Feel the Next Generation In Video Making!! Follow the Content to Know more.

Animaker is a versatile tool for beginners, non-designers & professionals to create Animation and Live-Action videos for every moment of our life. Animakers helped over 10M people create awesome videos by themselves.

Trusted by World’s Leading Brands like Amazon, Bosch, Hewlett Packard, Nokia, Philips HealthCare, and much more.

Benefits: Purchasing a subscription to Animaker will grant you a powerful HTML5 engine; which means seamless performance on optimized browsers. Get access to tons of Professionally Crafted Templates It has got the World’s Largest Video Asset Library where you will get the Largest Collection of animated characters, properties, BGs, Icons, images, videos, and more.

Pricing: Animaker has got both monthly and yearly plans as well. Their plans are divided into 4 categories where you can be wiser in choosing the best plans according to your enterprise requirements. Pls, follow the article for detailed pricing at the end.

How to Create Awesome Videos with Animaker:

Creativity Just feels like a Swiss Army Knife

Animaker has got marvelous features for every video you need.

You can create 3 types of videos with Animaker:

  1. Video Making
  2. GIF and Short Video Making
  3. Live Video Editing

Let’s discuss the features of Animaker:

  • Character Builder: Build the avatar you choose with over 15 face traits to alter and over 10 accessory slots to liven up your videos, which can make your videos truly customized and stand out from other characters.
  • Extensive Facial Expressions: With more than 15 facial expressions, Animaker helps to stand out your characters and videos to a real-life scenario.
  • Auto-lip sync: It’s very challenging for animators when it comes to lip sync of characters. Don’t worry Animaker is there for you to do the heavy lifting, just add voiceover to your characters and watch them say with auto lip-sync

Let me tell you how Animaker is the best piece for Animators:

  1. It helps you to change Actions and Expressions of the specified characters with just a click. Use Animaker’s Action+ feature to animate any character with ease.
  2. Animaker offers you to customize everything like backgrounds, character appearances, properties, and much more to ensure your styles stay intact.
  3. Enjoy the magic of Gradient backgrounds with Animaker, which was never known to be possible but with Animaker Animator’s dream come true where you can add up to 5 colors to your backgrounds and experience the change.
  4. Forget about creating an Animation Studio, with Animaker you will be able to access tons of features such as camera effects, screen effects, audio tracks, transitions, and much more to feel like a Professional Animator.

Various Categories Of Animaker:

  1. Picmaker: Helps you to create unique designs with Animaker’s Online Graphic Designing Software.
  2. Vmaker: Feel free to record a screen, webcam, or both with audio to create engaging video content.
  3. Voice: Convert any text into Ultra Realistic Human-like voiceovers with Animaker which uses Neural TTS Engine.
  4. Show: It allows Video Marketing platforms to host, stream, promote, and analyze videos and increase revenue.
  5. Steve.Ai: With the aid of a unique AI platform, you can make videos out of text in seconds.
  6. Deck: With an Avatar-powered presentation creator, you may create presentation archetypes.
  7. Enterprise: The fully-organized video creation suite to meet every visual communication need.

Types of Videos you can create in Animaker:

  1. Christmas Video Greeting
  2. Facebook video
  3. Cartoon Video
  4. Advertisement Video
  5. YouTube video
  6. Birthday video
  7. Marketing Videomaker
  8. Holiday video maker
  9. Lyric video
  10. Instagram Video
  11. Text Animation
  12. Video Resume

Versatile Products available in Animaker:

  1. Presentation Maker
  2. Explainer Video
  3. Video Editor
  4. Vertical Video Maker
  5. 2D Video Maker
  6. Intro Maker
  7. Photo Video Maker
  8. Promo Video Maker
  9. Music Video Maker
  10. Slideshow video maker
  11. Animaker Enterprise
  12. Invitation Video Maker
  13. Voice Generator.

Animaker Bonus:

That’s not the end, still more to come!!

If you get a subscription, It will offer you Feature Rich Video Editing Suite

Rich Video Editing Suite Comprises of :

  1. Live Video Editing with 4K Video Quality
  2. Subtitle your videos for every platform
  3. Overlay videos and be creative with just a click.
  4. Watermark your Contents
  5. Animaker gets you to get a hold on the sound front with over 100 music tracks and thousands of sound effects in the Library.
  6. A one-stop place to store your brand essentials.
Detailed Pricing:

Monthly and Yearly plans are available and get up to 50% off especially on a designated yearly plan.

Animaker has revised its pricing into three categories:

  1. Basic
  2. Starter
  3. Pro
  4. Enterprise

Detailed Yearly Plans with Categorical View:

Basic: 10$ monthly(120$ billed yearly)
Starter: 19$ monthly(228$ billed yearly)
Pro: 49$ monthly(588$ billed yearly)*Animaker strongly recommends pro plans to all users.
Enterprise: Custom Pricing for different enterprises according to the needs
Detailed Monthly plans which suit you best:
Basic: 20$ billed monthly
Starter: 35$ billed monthly
Pro: 79$ billed monthly
Enterprise: Custom pricing based on enterprise size and requirements.

*For detailed pricing comparison please refer to the below link and compare the prices with every aspect according to the needs
Animaker Pricing

Which Tool are you should avail of?

We’ve gone a long way, and I’ve practically covered everything there is to know about video-making software and the scroll stopper Video creating process.

My recommendation is to go with Animaker which gives tons of options to users to go with the requirements and specifications pertaining to enterprises and also it’s giving an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. If we say about pricing I think it’s pretty negotiable and If you are going to start your own business Animaker will be your everlasting friend.

My Second Choice is to go on with CreateStudio as it’s specially designed for Scroll Stopping and templates are specially curated to make scroll-stopper videos that are more engaging and make pretty user-friendly for those who really want to make scroll-stopping videos to pursue in their career.

Offeo is also a useful marketing video producer, which I must highlight. It is capable of producing videos in a short amount of time. It comes with thousands of ready-to-use designs, one-click animation, common languages, and full creative flexibility.

I’m pretty much done with the analysis of the three Scroll stopping video creation tools.

Now it’s all upon you which you should specifically consider for your business and for your community.

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