How to Choose a Best Video Editing Software – Tips & Tricks

Struggling to find the best video editing software?

Let me brief you on this.

Video editing software can give you hold of stunning edit options like VFX, motion sensing, color, texture, and much more.

Statistics indicate that 82% of Internet traffic are relying on videos only.

Today, in such a fast-paced and technologically driven society, making money online or finding a way out of traditional means of generating money is critical.

So, the first step in making money online is to pick a niche. There are numerous specializations to pick from, and one that is far more popular than others is Video Editing.

However, we can see that only about half of the people can prosper in this specialty. There are other aspects to consider, which we shall go over in-depth.

A user nowadays has a lot of options to pick from among the millions of software available on the market, but we must choose intelligently which of these software will help us in the long run.

If we’re talking about video editing software, I can tell you that they have incredible video editing skills.

Feeling Confused!! Which software to choose?

Don’t Worry, You don’t need any help from experts,

Let’s move on and try to understand which will be the best pick for you.

How to choose best video editing software

Choosing the Most Effective Video Editing Software:

Before we begin choosing a video editing program, we must consider the following factors:

  1. Reliability: When someone is new to video editing, it is important to ensure that the software is simple to use. It is also important to seek software that offers a free trial so that the learning process is simplified.
  2. Budget Constraints: Another significant factor to consider is the quantity of money that should be spent on a certain piece of software.
    Before focusing on the budget, one key factor to consider is if it is pocket-friendly (i.e., available on both mobile and PC), and I would advise that you always analyze a product based on your needs.’
  3. System Requirements: This is the last point we’ll discuss, but it’s by no means the last. When selecting video editing software, it’s important to make sure it meets your system’s needs.

To grasp the situation better, before purchasing video editing software, we must make a list of all requirements and test the software.

It may or may not be exactly what you’re looking for at first, but you can decide quickly whether to buy it or retain it for future reference.

For both beginners and pros, these are some of the most popular video editing software on the market:

  1. Adobe Premier Pro
  2. Corel VideoStudio
  3. DaVinci Resolve
  4. Filmora

Even the best video editing software has certain disadvantages and benefits.

Let’s Talk About It:

Let’s go through the rates, availability, editing skills, and offerings in order;

Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • This Software is available at a very low price in the first instance.
  • The Starting price for this software is $20.99
  • It is available only on Windows and MAC.
  • Just require basic editing skills, It is best for professionals.
  • It has also got a free trial.

Corel Video Studio:

  • The starting price for this software is pretty high
  • The prices start from $39.99 one time.
  • It is available only on Windows
  • It is a beginner-friendly software
  • Best for enthusiasts.
  • It has got a trial period of 30 days.

DaVinci Resolve:

  • First and foremost, this program is quite reasonably priced.
  • The Starting price for this software is $299.
  • It is available only on Linux, Windows, and MAC.
  • Only basic editing skills are required, perfect for enthusiasts.
  • It has also got a free trial.


  • First of all, this software is available at a very reasonable price.
  • The starting price for this software is $149.99.
  • Only available on Windows and MAC.
  • Only basic editing skills are required, perfect for enthusiasts.
  • It also has a free trial version.

** These are some of the situations where it is simple to conduct price, reliability, and offering analyses for entrepreneurs and startups looking to increase sales.

Let’s Discuss the 4 above software features in Detail:

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere pro is the industry’s best video editing software. You’ll be delighted to learn that it was the editing backbone for Hollywood blockbuster movies like Terminator-Dark Fate since it was developed and distributed by one of the heavyweights, Adobe Systems.


  1. Available for both Windows and macOS
  2. Leading pros in the video editing business recommend this software.
  3. There is a range of features accessible for a variety of different activities, so you may show off your creativity without feeling restricted.
  4. In addition to the aforementioned point, there are options like automatic sync, which comes in handy while shooting multi-angle images.
  5. It allows high-resolution video editing with resolutions of up to 10,240 x 8,192 pixels and color depths of up to 32 bits per channel. Both RGB and YUV color modes are supported by Premiere Pro.
  6. By using plugins, Premiere Pro can support 3D editing as well.


  1. It is a well-known video editing program that is widely used in the business.
  2. Advanced Tools: Provides a plethora of automatic tools to help you edit faster.
  3. Edits with an infinite number of video tracks are conceivable.
  4. Trial Version: You may use the free trial to check the software’s compliance with your project needs before purchasing it.


  1. It is affordable as stand-alone software, but when compared to the cost of the entire Adobe Creative Cloud, it may prove to be prohibitively expensive.
  2. For better processing, you’ll need a lot of computing power.


It has got a monthly subscription according to the Adobe Official Purchase page which costs $20.99

Corel VideoStudio

Corel video studio

Ulead Systems’ Corel VideoStudio is a popular video editing software (later acquired by Corel). Corel Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus is the name of the software. This software is currently available on their website as VideoStudio Pro and VideoStudio Ultimate.


  1. It is capable of 360-degree VR editing and also supports 4K editing.
  2. Allows for Motion Tracking, a sophisticated video editing method.
  3. Despite the fact that competing video editing software also has a motion tracking capability, Corel VideoStudio is still the finest.
  4. It also offers options like exporting the video while keeping the background translucent.
  5. Animation in Stop Motion. This program may be used to replicate animation ideas in order to promote conversion with a sequence of static pictures.


  1. Wide Feature Set: It offers the most functionality, making it useful for users with varying levels of editing experience, from beginners to pros.
  2. Learning: The in-product learning information is thorough in demonstrating the fundamentals of understanding this software.
  3. Corel VideoStudio is a high-quality program that is dependable, strong, and customizable to a large extent.
  4. Work in your own distinctive style: Customizability refers to the user’s ability to readily load his workspace with tools he seldom uses in the way he desires.


  1. Because it is such a popular and frequently used program, it occasionally experiences performance challenges owing to computing resources.


As per VideoStudio Ultimate 2023, the pricing has been revised to $99.99 as a one-time payment.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve

Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve is the next guest in the home. It is a color-correction and nonlinear video editing software that is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It’s utilized professionally for a variety of things, including cutting-edge films, inventive advertising, and more.


  1. During video editing, DaVinci Resolve enables a dual timeline. In addition, the Dual Timeline in version 16 Beta has a new feature called ‘cut page.’ This tool is great for a rapid editing session.
  2. Machine learning is used in Resolve 16 to produce complex effects like deleting an object from a scene and morphing transitions with facial focus.
  3. Multi-collaborative work on a single project is one of its main advantages. As a result, designers, editors, visual effects artists, assistants, colorists, and sound designers may all work on the same project at the same time.
  4. With the new update, you may create animations at a quicker rate than ever before, thanks to intuitive controls for the timeline curve’s location, as well as ResolveFX and OpenFX.


  1. A collaborative software framework that allows diverse project participants to collaborate.
  2. Post-production audio and sound-processing capacity that is both robust and powerful.
  3. Color Correction is also regarded as Hollywood’s most refined technique.
  4. 8K color support and professional color grading


  1. It is either not supported or does not perform well on portable devices such as phones and tablets.
  2. It necessitates a high level of calculation and, as a result, higher CPU specs.


Davinci resolve offers a free version with limited features. Where it charges only $299 for a complete set of features.


wondershare filmora

Filmora is a professional video editing software that is both speedy and simple to use. The best aspect is that regardless of your ability level, you can make an industry-standard video with a professional touch. The official Filmora website is extremely explicit about the features associated with various editing chores such as basic editing, editing effects, and much more.


  1. To create unique and inventive cuts, layer your video while applying simple green-screen effects.
  2. It also includes sound mastering features like keyframing, background noise removal, and more.
  3. This software allows you to export detailed 4K videos in sharp and clear quality.
  4. Available for both Windows as well as Mac-based systems.


  1. it offers presets for typical output channels, you may customize your output file in a variety of formats
  2. To combine your clips and build your digital movie, you’ll need a vast collection of transitional patterns.


  • Other than the rendering speed being a bit slow, there are no other significant disadvantages of working on Filmora.


Both the windows and mac versions have the same cost. Monthly subscriptions are $7.99, yearly subscriptions are $39.99, and lifetime subscriptions are $69.99. Download Filmora for Free by clicking here

How To Use Video Editing Software effectively

Are excited or Overwhelmed!!!!

Let me tell you how you can effectively use a video editing tool in steps.

  1. Make a video or record one.
  2. It should be imported into your video editing program.
  3. Import any more resources you might need, such as photographs, audio files, and so on.
  4. Organize your media collection.
  5. Fill the timeline with your material.
  6. Perform numerous operations on your video and audio as needed, such as cutting and cropping.
  7. As needed, apply further effects and adjustments.
  8. Export your video in the format of your choice.

Let me help you to choose the best pick for you:

As we reach the end of this post, I hope that it has assisted you in selecting the finest video editing software for your needs and requirements, but Adobe Premiere Pro is the greatest in my opinion. The most significant parameter, as well as information on the characteristics and capabilities.

I have pretty much done with the analysis and now it’s time for you to choose which software is best for you based on your requirements and based on your respective enterprises.

Filmora Video Editor

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