VideoCreator Review: Create Unlimited Videos in Various Shapes

Welcome to my VideoCreator Review!

Video marketing has become an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. VideoCreator is a powerful video creation and editing software application that was recently released in 2021. It is designed to provide a complete video creation and marketing solution, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals. In this review, we will take a closer look at VideoCreator and explore its key features, benefits, pros, cons, pricing, and competitors.

What is VideoCreator?

VideoCreator is just like an encyclopedia for videos, which features hundreds of amazing videos and templates. This is the only software where you can find a large collection of high-quality video templates.

VideoCreator is one of the most advanced video editing software made for experienced as well as completely newbie editors. It gives the users flexibility to create customized videos and animations. Users can create 2D and 3D characters, YouTube Content, social videos, sales and promo videos, logo stings, e-Commerce ads, local business, intros, and outros, and many more.

Anything whatever you image, you can create it in a minute.

VideoCreator Review

Introduction of creators of video creator software

This fantastic world-class revolutionary all in one video creating software is developed by multiple award-winning technological Entrepreneurs and marketers Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar.

They are digital entrepreneurs with over more than 2 decades of experience and have bagged countless awards for best-selling products and services on numerous digital platforms they had produced million-dollar masterpieces in just a year.

Why choose VideoCreator as Your video creation software?

VideoCreator is one of the most powerful all-in-one video creation suits available in the market, all backed up with advanced video marketing technologies and artificial intelligence power builders.

Unlike other video creation software, VideoCreator comes up with over more than 650+ amazing video templates and a huge variation of customizable video elements that helps to make your video creation process more easy and simple.

This software is also loaded with other amazing features like Logo Mapping, 3D visual, Motion Tracking, and live-action featuring real humans, doodle video scroll stoppers, and many more that make VideoCreator one of the most advanced video builder tools.

And the best part about VideoCreator is that it is easy to use & anybody can create professional-looking and attention-holding videos for local markets, Promotional campaigns, or for clients.

Top 5 VideoCreator feature benefits

VideoCreator is one of the best video creation software. Below mentioned, the remarkable features that I found to be the top five VideoCreator features’ benefits:

  1. The most substantial collection of quality video templates in one single application: VideoCreator contains over more than 600+ ready-to-use video templates. This is one of the largest single video animations that had ever in history.

    This application is designed in such a manner that it suits your marketing needs. With this, you can change text, logo, background, and music. You can create various numbers of products with this all in one single application.

    This saves you money and time by replacing multiple video application software in your system.
  1. Revolutionary logo motion tracking: This is the first time available in single video creation software that you can add your logo branding to the objects which are in motion to attract more customers through video sales.

    Unlike other software, where you can add logos to a still image, in the case of this software, you can add a logo to a video or a moving object.

    The logo moves with the object or image which gives a feeling as if the logo was already attached to the scene in the first place.
  1. Sizzling hot scroll stopper video: Scroll stopping video helps to grab the audience’s attention and to boost engagement in marketing videos. With the help of VideoCreator software, you can create videos in less than a minute and without any technical guidance.
  2. Real humans featuring in live-action text messaging videos: This is one of the unique features available in this software, which lets one create perfect messaging videos with actors or humans dressed according to your specification. This is a perfect way to attract traffic and has huge sales in the long run. For example, actors dressed as doctors, nurses, and even people in business professionals, teachers and many more are available on the software.
  3. 3D animation photorealistic videos: VideoCreator software helps to create 3D animation videos within a few minutes. This feature helps to bring your images to real life.

To know more features and benefits, try now VideoCreator

VideoCreator Features

These are the top features of VideoCreator software, mentioned below:

  1. All-in-one video maker
  2. Videos available in all dimensions
  3. Already built-in a music library
  4. Ready-made video templates
  5. A huge number of royalty-free images
  6. 100% cloud-based software
  7. Images, texts, and branding, everything is customizable
  8. Easy and simple to use dashboard
  9. You can upload your own music, images, and logos
  10. Step-by-step training
  11. Top-notch customer service support
  12. Full HD+ resolution

VideoCreator Benefits

These are the top benefits of choosing VideoCreator for video creation

  1. Online work: VideoCreator is totally cloud-based software, so it does not require any installation or downloading before starting off with the work. All you need is to purchase and sign up for the account to get access to the license key and then you can easily continue with the dashboard.
  2. Affordable price: VideoCreator is comparatively cheaper as compared to its alternatives and its competitors in the market.
  3. User-friendly interface: Anything and everything you require for creating a video is easily available in the user interface. Even an amateur or a non-professional can navigate to the software interface.
  4. No requirement of previous technical skills: VideoCreator software comes up with several templates which do not require any previous editing skills and you can easily start your video creation journey.
  5. Easily workable with the regular system (Windows & Mac): VideoCreator works top-notch on both Windows and Mac both.
  6. Money back guaranteed in 30 days: VideoCreator gives you a time period of 30 days on whether this software will solve all your video-related tasks or not.
  7. All software features update will be available without any cost: Unlike other software, which has additional charges to get software updates, VideoCreator gives you all the updates for free.
  8. Making money with VideoCreator online is very easy: VideoCreator allows you to create marketing videos, out of which you can create and earn profit out of your videos.
  9. Customer support: VideoCreator software provides you with top-notch customer support, where they will answer your queries you are stuck at.

Try video creator with 30 days money back guarantee

Who can use VideoCreator software?

VideoCreator is one video-creating software that helps almost every person who wants to grow his/her business or sell video-creation services to their clients and earn profit out of it.

  1. Video editors and marketers
  2. Online business person
  3. Online marketers
  4. Affiliate marketers
  5. Organization owners
  6. Service & product providers
  7. Advertisers
  8. Entrepreneur
  9. Animator & designer
  10. Influencers
  11. Content creators
  12. Organization
  13. Agency owners
  14. Professionals
  15. Educational organization
  16. B2B organization
  17. Teacher & coaches
  18. Small business owners

What types of videos you can create with VideoCreator?

VideoCreator is 2D video animation software; therefore you can easily create various types of videos:

  1. Explainer videos
  2. Whiteboard videos
  3. e-Commerce videos
  4. Video for advertisements
  5. Live action videos
  6. Videos for commercial purposes
  7. Mockup videos
  8. Scroll stoppers videos
  9. Slide shows
  10. Product promotional videos
  11. Logo reveal
  12. Social media
  13. Motion tracking video
  14. 3D visual effects
  15. Any type of intro and outro videos you require

Try VideoCreator software to create those videos to make an impact online.

VideoCreator Pros and Cons

VideoCreator Pros:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Has a top-notch revolutionary logo motion tracking
  3. Free bonuses are available all the time
  4. Large collection of pro-quality video templates in a single software
  5. Real humans featured in live-action videos

VideoCreator Cons:

  1. As it is cloud-based software, so without the internet you cannot access the software.
  2. You need to upgrade your license in order to unlock any features.

VideoCreator Pricing

VideoCreator commercial license costs you around $69.

VideoCreator: FAQs

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes; if you are not satisfied with the software for any reason, you can contact customer support at for a full refund.

What makes VideoCreator different from other video editing software?

VideoCreator is the only software in the market that is stacked with thousands of video templates. You can create amazing videos of all shapes and sizes for your social media, website, and for your clients.

Does VideoCreator include unlimited video renders?

Yes; you can create unlimited videos without any monthly charges forever. You can use VideoCreator to create videos as much as you want all day, every day without any limit.

Is it a one-time payment or a monthly subscription?

You pay once for VideoCreator software for all features and an unlimited number of usages.

Can I sell the videos that I create?

Yes; VideoCreator comes up with commercial rights so that you can create and sell videos to clients and earn 100% profit from it.

Is step-by-step video training available?

Yes; step-by-step video training is included in the software. Starting from creating the video to getting the result.

Can I upload my own videos and images?

Yes; you can easily upload your own videos and images, there are no restrictions for uploading any images.

Are future upgrades included to existing customers free?

Yes; all future updates will be available for free, for all customers at no additional charges.

Does VideoCreator support any language?

Yes; you can create videos in any language by using VideoCreator. This software support text in any language, you can even upload your voiceovers in any language and add them to the video.

VideoCreator Review Verdict

In this VideoCreator review, I tried to get through all the aspects related to animation videos created with this software. But when it comes to sharing my review regarding VideoCreator, I will be very honest completely.

VideoCreator has completely changed the concept of animation video editing and its creation. After I had started using the software for the first time, it made me feel like it is the ideal software for me to create my videos.

Here is the full review of VideoCreator; I have explained all its features. Starting from complete synopsis of the software, a complete working process, a real user review, pricing structure, and details, whether you should buy it or not or etc. Now I hope you do not have any doubts regarding the software.

With so many unique features this character-making animated software makes video not only easy but also cuts costs for every organization.

Truly speaking I would highly recommend this VideoCreator software as it is worth every penny. From the process of customizing videos to making animations, gives you a solution to everything you want.

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