Marketpresso Agency

When you create a marketpresso agency then you a not only freelancer or a service provider. After creating your marketpresso agency then you become a businessman.

Best part

  • Increase our earning
  • We can start our 6 figure business
  • We can take the commission of every cell
  • After creating this agency we can be allowed to sell 200 seller
  • Sum of time our profit percentage 100
Marketpresso Agency

How to sell more MarketPresso Agency licenses

We can buy the agency license in stock today.

For example, if we buy 2 Agency Premium licenses, we will get to sell 200 MarketPresso licenses.

Charge clients for the marketplaces

We should at least charge them $5,000-$10,000 for a brand-new software license & fully done for our marketplace.

Brand visible customers

We will get a separate branded panel where MarketPresso’s branding won’t be mentioned anywhere.

our customers will never get to know about MarketPresso. They will always feel that the software is our creation & hence we will become the authority in front of them.

Number of licenses to sell

We are getting up to 100 licenses to sell. Our clients will get a fresh account where they can manage & create new marketplaces themselves. I would highly recommend this package the software with the service that we will build our marketplace for us


We are charging just 10% fees Profit Will Increase as more & more Freelancers join!! We assumed just $200 sale per freelancer per month.

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