VideoMakerFX Review: Affordable Video Animation Software

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A video is powerful to deliver emotions and messages in the most impactful way. It is the reason behind lots of marketers are investing in videos compared to the traditional forms of ads. Commonly, you can find these videos on various channels like YouTube, TV, social media channels, etc. Understanding this, I was looking for a video-making tool to create such high-performing videos.

When I started to look for various video-making tools, I found the software called VideoMakerFX. I have gone through it, and it was helping me in several ways. Here, share the VideoMakerFX review from my perspective to help people who are with similar interests.

VideoMakerFX Review

VideoMakerFX Review: Overview

VideoMakerFX is amazing video creation software that is commonly preferred among modern people. If you have experience in creating videos, you might know about the pain of editing and making videos manually. This software will help in getting rid of the pain completely. These are the things that will make you try the software tools.

VideoMakerFX Review: What is it?

VideoMakerFX is a simple and user-friendly software through which you can create animated videos depending on various templates of slides. For anyone who is looking for creating videos for promotional, presentation, or whiteboard videos, the software will be a great tool. I could say that the software is simple and fast. It consumes less time, but you can produce stunning videos within a short period.

However, you need not compromise in any aspects like characters, templates, explainers, text effects, and overall video as it is already animated. It is just enough to add the text and upload the images you are expecting to have in the video. The software will take further responsibility to produce customized videos.

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VideoMakerFX Review: Why Should I Make Videos Using It?

When you want to create stunning videos that will work well in the digital landscape, you should definitely invest in the right software. VideoMakerFX is one of the suitable software in terms of elements that is necessary to have well-performing videos. In several terms like ease, efficiency, pricing, features, benefits, etc. the software is well-performing, and you can easily make videos using it.

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VideoMakerFX Review: Features

One of the best things about VideoMakerFX is that it is commonly used even by people with less knowledge and experience in video creation. The user interface may look a bit simplistic, but once you realize the usage of the multitude of tools that are available in drag and dropbox, you will start loving it. Some useful VideoMakerFX Features to make a note with the software are as follows.

  • Royalty-free audio tracks are all professionally composed and guaranteed to sound like the best videos that you are creating.
  • It is possible to create a video with 240+ animated slides that will cover 35 different topics, so you will always find suitable things.
  • There are lots and lots of graphics and backgrounds available that you can apply with a click for your videos. Further, there are also lots of icons available that you can add to the videos to make them stunning.
  • You will be able to generate sales letter videos with the software. These sales letters are excellent lead-generation tools, and you can use them in a better way. It also has integrated functions that will allow you to create videos to make sales letters more compelling.
  • You will get full support and updates for 12 months starting from the date you are purchasing the software.
  • You will have all freedom to create a video for personal use, sell or post it on various platforms without any restrictions.
  • There are several training materials where you can learn to create various types of videos with an array of options.
  • It works faster as you will be able to create the videos within a fraction of the time.
  • If you prefer the slideshows, you can make use of VideoMakerFX to make them more interesting and engaging.
  • The storage required for the software is less, and you need not spend more memory on your device.
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VideoMakerFX Review: Benefits

There are lots of aspects when it comes to VideoMakerFX Benefits to make note of. Here is the list you have to consider for having the videos from the software.

  • Ease of use: There are several tutorial guides and others that will easily help to master the concepts of the software and make use of it.
  • No restriction: No restrictions to creating different types of videos as it is simple, easy, and possible to create such videos.
  • Growth of sales: When you are using the software for creating advertising videos, it will guarantee you a good rate of business growth.
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VideoMakerFX Review: Pros

  • Making videos using this software now looks to be professional and easy.
  • Animated videos engage the audience with increased retention and sales conversion.
  • You need not pay the monthly fee as the pro membership comes with $1 and it gives you 50 new themes every month.
  • Profit from your videos or sell them to the small business, and you can make it your small business in the competitive digital landscape.
  • You will not have restrictions or watermarks on the videos stating the name of the software.
  • There is unlimited usage of the software in various aspects.

VideoMakerFX Review: Cons

Though video making is excellent with lots of features, there are also lots of features with a couple of things that have to be improved.

  • Sometimes, it will take a long time to render videos especially if it is more than 15 minutes long.
  • It is not designed suitable for the complex when compared to several other video-making tools.

VideoMakerFX Review: Pricing

VideoMakerFX is one of the paid tools for creating videos. However, the VideoMakerFX Pricing will be affordable and within your budget. If you pay $27, you can have instant access. It will be supported for 30 days. It is the golden period where you can try to learn about the tool completely with hands-on experience. I suggest that the software is more suitable for anyone who is passionate to create videos without any previous experience. Also, it is worth the money you pay. To your satisfaction, you can proceed to pay and use it in the future.

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Is it reliable software?

Without any doubt, I could say that VideoMakerFX is a highly reliable video-making software that will offer exceptional use with a list of advanced features.

When I purchase the software should I use it only on one computer?

As per the terms and conditions of the license, your VideoMakerFX will work on two different computers with a single payment.

Is it worthy for a person who possesses zero knowledge of video making?

Yes, it is suitable for the beginner’s level as well. There are several video-making training tutorials, which will help you to become a master in creating personalized videos.


In a nutshell, I would say that purchasing VideoMakerFX is a good choice when you are interested in creating videos. With little investment, you will be able to earn more profit when you are using it appropriately.

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