Tubebuddy Review: Everything You Should Know About It

Haven’t you added video content to your YouTube channel yet? It is the hype time to do that and get maximum eyeballs. Do you know that most YouTubers prefer on using tools to make the video content perfect? Do you wish to do that? Then, you are in the ideal place as we are going to discuss Tubebuddy the application which will incorporate you to accomplish your dreams. Before going to start, scan this unbiased review once to know about it and determine whether it’s going to work or not for you.


What is Tubebuddy?

In crisp, it is a typical program empowering you for scaling, managing, and overseeing the success of a YouTube channel. You will be allowed to access the innumerable features which guide you to make the utmost of this outstanding video marketing platform. You will enjoy the features of these handy tools from the normal dashboard of YouTube. With this option, you can obtain the convenience of mastering the video marketing campaign all under a roof.

How Tubebuddy works?

Basically, it is an extension that has to be installed on the Internet browser (extension). After that, whenever you open the YouTube account it will appear in the form of menu. With just a click, it will allow you to enjoy the accessibility to its bunch of tools for making and promoting your YouTube video content.

How to get started with Tubebuddy?

Generally, it is an extension that can be installed on both Firefox and Google Chrome. Hence, you have to select the default browser and then it has to be set up by following the given steps:

  • Visit the website of Tubebuddy and make an account
  • Click the button representing ‘Install on Chrome for free (or Firefox)
  • It will redirect you to the extension of your default browser
  • Then click on ‘Add to Chrome (or any equivalent)
  • Tubebuddy’s icon will appear on the right top of the screen
  • Open YouTube
  • Link the channel with your Tubebuddy account; it will go through a specific process
  • On completion access the drop-down menu of Tubebuddy from the dashboard of YouTube

How Tubebuddy works on a Smartphone?

If you want to use it on your Android or iOS then, Chrome will definitely not support this. So, you have to install Firefox from the PlayStore, and iStore.

  • Open the browser and skip the tutorial
  • Click the 3-dot on right top hand corner
  • Click the Add ons
  • It will redirect you to the Firefox store
  • Search for the Tubebuddy extension
  • Click to add it as a Firefox extension and get ready to use it

Features of Tubebuddy

This section entails all the key features of Tubebuddy which is why this tool is very unique and highly efficient in the long run. So, can we start?

Video Tag Explorer [Keyword Explorer]

The prime motto of this tool is to accompany you in finding out the best tags to be used for promoting video content. It not only gives the maximum exposure to your video content but also optimizes it ensuring a better rank for it in the search results on YouTube. All you have to do is to type the primary keyword and the rest of the job will be done by Tubebuddy.

Video Tag Lists

It enables you to prepare a saved tag list which will be used later for your video content manually.

The Tag Sorter

This keyword tool is there to look for the exact keyword (tag) that boasts the maximum weight. Accordingly, you can use it in multiple ways for enhancing YouTube SEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

Embedding options

The newbies in this field must know that the embedding options of YouTube for playlists and videos are too narrow. In such a case, the management of the YouTube channel becomes extremely difficult. That’s why Tubebuddy comes with plenty of options for making the task quite easy for you:

  • Play controls can be disabled manually
  • Make sure that there is automated looping for your video content
  • The force-closed caption can be inserted manually
  • Customization of the embedded video appearance
  • Turn on to JavaScript API

TubeBuddy A/B Testing

It allows for performing a split test for different features. One of the efficient ways to do so is by observing the thumbnail imagery, tags, and video title to obtain the best possible outcomes.

Publish to Facebook

As its name suggests, the recreated video can be published on a business page or Facebook profile automatically from YouTube. It is the easiest thing to do as the task involves pasting the specific YouTube link. Even you can re-upload it on the news feed of YouTube. It clearly means you will obtain access to Facebook video benefits such as auto-playing.

Quick-Edit Toolbar

Tubebuddy assists in editing the video easily a number of times i.e., bulk update. But you have to remember the precise spot from where you left the task. So, you can start from there again, otherwise, it seems to be very daunting for you. The toolbar allows you to click on thumbnail videos for easy editing and uploading on a bulk note.

Canned responses

As ‘time is money therefore instead of replying to the re-written comments utilize this feature for publishing rapid-fire FAQs. If a bit of personalization is imposed on the feature then it looks stunning. You can do so with shortcodes that address any commenter with their initial name.

Best time to publish

The algorithm of Tubebuddy performs in optimum time for video publishing. This will help in attaining more engagement with the audience on the basis of the YouTube algorithm. It calculates the perfect time for the determination of hours and days to publish the video content.

End screen and card templates

As in content, there are CTAs (calls to Action), similarly, in YouTube videos, you can find cards pop up as the clip goes to the end. Tubebuddy is the right tool to use for making such large bunches of cards within minutes simply by saving the template. The concept is identical to that of the end screen templates as well which can be used in end screens.

GIF generator tool

It allows the creation of GIFs to be used in a special portion of the uploaded video.

Emoji picker tool

Emojis are an outstanding feature to make the video stand alone from its crowd. It acts as an eyeball grabber which enables the viewer to click on the original video. Select the most relevant emoji from the emoji icon of Tubebuddy and insert it at the specific place where you actually want it to be!

Comment filter tool

Once your YouTube channel continues, you will start receiving more followers followed by comments. Over time, it will be difficult for you to read them all at a time. Just make use of the filter and look for the specific comments you wish to see. It comprises the following menu as filters:

  • Comments with a particular question
  • Positive feedback
  • Negative statements
  • Ones which are not responded yet
  • Comments with disabled replies
  • Remarks included profanity
  • These are the names of a few.

It does not only act as a time-savvier but also boosts audience engagement at the same time by constructing a rapport within you!

Notification commenting tool

As YouTube disabled the facility to reply to the comments directly from the left notification bar of the dashboard, use the ‘Reply’ option of Tubebuddy for doing so on notification comments.

Brand alerts tool

It gives access to YouTube to look for the playlist, channels, and videos that are similar to your brand you. It is an incredible idea to check what kind of impact you are making as a YouTuber and your popularity in the community as well.

Thumbnail generator tool

Although engineering stunning thumbnails is really fun yet it is a time-eater as well. Tubebuddy offers to save the templates so that you can come up with a fast and unique one every time allowing for the maintenance of brand consistency.

Demonetization audit tool

Your video content will be scanned extensively on YouTube for inspecting descriptions, tags, and titles which can lead to revenue loss. It will prevent you from potential loss.

Export comment tool

The comments you acquire on YouTube can be exported to a CSV file for later and detailed analysis.

Real-time sub counts

It assists in monitoring the loss or gain of subscribers of the channel you run on YouTube.

Competitor video upload alerts

Every time your competitor posts a new video, you will receive a Tubebuddy notification via text or email.

Description promotion

This feature is excellent for the promotion of any video by using it as the description for your other AV content. It can be done with the insertion of links in the other video uploads.

Pick a winner

In case you are in a contest to interact and expand the followers then this tool is best. It enables you to pick a random winner from your commenters, who commented on other Social Media Platforms as well apart from YouTube.

Channel access

The safe accessibility of your YouTube account can be shared with anyone you want. It works great in case you are doing a project for your client and want to display the work on progress on YouTube. It is better to get a new project as well.

Channel backup

It is mainly used for backup. It secretly stores every metadata of the video that you have posted on YouTube. Otherwise, if something worse happens, the channel can’t be recovered.

Channel valuation

You have to use Tubebuddy and for finding the charges of sponsorship gigs in terms of the channel’s value accurate estimation.

Pros of Tubebuddy

Interesting pros of Tubebuddy which make it so favorable and preferable are mentioned in the following:

It comes with a free plan

If you want to kick start your channel for promoting video content on YouTube then you can switch to the free version of Tubebuddy to enjoy some of its features.

It is quite affordable

No comparison can take place when it comes to the pricing plans of Tubebuddy. It is affordable, and worth every penny while saving both effort and time by giving you access to a library of unimaginable features.

It owns a Mobile Application

Your YouTube Channel can be managed on your go with the help of its mobile application. The app is fully features-loaded making it very easy to use on iOS and Android gadgets.

It is compatible with Opera, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome Browsers

Tubebuddy is very friendly and can support almost every browser. Besides Edge, Firefox, and Chrome it is compatible with Opera as well. All you need is an extra extension on which Chrome extension will get supported to use this application.

It equips with an outstanding affiliate program

Its affiliate program offers a recurring commission of up to 50% for referring subscribers. Promotion becomes super easy with the free plan while handsome earnings will easily come your way with the affiliate program.

Cons of Tubebuddy

Some cons of Tubebuddy which you must be aware off are discussed below:

Comes with a learning curve

Due to a load of features, it can be discouraging and extra overwhelming for you to choose the desired one for your video content.

Doesn’t possess any tutorials and instructions

It never offers any illustrations, tutorials, or instructions allowing the beginners to know the usage of each feature.

The pricing structure of Tubebuddy

Some pricing structures of Tubebuddy are mentioned in the following:

• Free plan
• Pro plan comes with $9/m
• Star plan comes with $19/m
• Legend plan comes with $49/m
• Discounts and coupons

Which is the best plan for Tubebuddy for you?

As it comes with multiple plans then things become easier for you. If you are a novice YouTuber then a free plan is ideal to use for a certain period of time. You should use it until your plan doesn’t get off. Once it takes off, you can switch to any premium plan according to your preferences. Always remember, Tubebuddy is user-friendly and hence it provides all sorts of assistance in its free plan. Pro plan combination comes with $9/m, $19/m, and $49/m respectively. With these premium plans, you will be able to enjoy a number of bulk video functional tools that are time-savvier in the long run at the same time.


Is Tubebuddy safe?

Tubebuddy is the safest one to use. It is regarded as YouTube Certified stating that it has undergone a formal procedure of Google and that too officially. There are many services that crop their features with time leading to cracking down of Google followed by penalization of the accounts. Considering such aspects, Tubebuddy possesses a record of a long partnership.

Is Tubebuddy YouTube Certified or not?

Tubebuddy is completely YouTube certified

Which one is the best TubeBuddy or VidIQ?

With the consideration of every aspect, Tubebuddy is the best ever platform. However, you can find a few unique features on VidIQ.

In a nutshell

For the above reasons, Tubebuddy is the favorite YouTube tool preferred by millions of YouTubers. Every kind of assistance is offered by it for managing your online presence while expanding your audience at the same time. Moreover, it equips with easy usability and convenience (specifically in Chrome Extension) enabling you to run it anytime. Start gaining your audience today with this tool.

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