11 Best Black Friday Deals on Web Hosting 2020

Are you the person looking for the best Black Friday deals on web hosting 2020 to save huge? If yes, you have arrived at the right destination. There are some exclusive black Friday web hosting deals for you and you can literally save up to 95% on your web hosting costs.

Best Black Friday Deals on Web Hosting

But still, some don’t know what the best Black Friday web hosting deals are. So first let’s know about black Friday in some easy words. It is a special day that comes after the day of thanksgiving in America. It is one of the essential holidays in America and it is one of the days that attract a lot of sales with incredible deals and offers for the globe.

Here are the 11 best Black Friday deals on web hosting 2020.


Siteground is one of the best web hosting providers and it offers overall best deals on web hosting. They have been in service since 2004. They provide a different hosting service. Some of the services are web hosting, cloud-based hosting, and dedicated hosting. They have hosted many websites with unlimited support, uptime, and high-quality characteristics. All these are hugely available in the reasonable rate range.

The best thing about them is, they provide a free domain name with each hosting Package and this happens only during the Black Friday offer. Also, they are known for their fast server response time when compared to that of the others.

A2 hosting

This is also one of the best web hosting solutions. If speed is the most important factor for you in web hosting, then you can consider this option. They use SSD servers. Usually, the SSD servers are fast compared to that of the other traditional disk-based servers.

Websites that use A2 shared hosting can load within 2 seconds and also they will offer you everything that you require for your small business hosting. Some of that they offer are CMS, CRM, analytics, blogs, and scheduler. They even offer free migration of the sites. Even free SSL certificates on each hosting package are provided by them.


A well-recognized company is Cloudways where they integrate with five larger cloud service providers. Here there is no need to create accounts on the cloud platform and they will handle everything and establish your website in a single tick.

They provide very reliable customer support and service to resolve every glitch you have. They even offer free site migration and free SSL services also. Selecting Cloudways on black Friday for the best web hosting deals 2020 is a smart and best decision. They offer various plans of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 42GB. On Black Friday deals on web hosting, they will offer 40% discounts for the first three months. So make sure you try Cloudways deals on web hosting.

WPX Hosting

This is the best WordPress secure hosting. They provide excellent client support and blazing rate and this makes them leaders in the top-notch hosting services. This is the speediest in the WordPress optimized hosting as it is twice faster than others. The speed provided by them is outstanding and they offer free migration and free SSL along with free backup services. In this, you can create many email addresses you want and it is not only the fastest but also the most secure hosting platform. They offer three business plans a business, professional, and elite. Therefore without a second thought, you can try WPX deals on web hosting.

InMotion Hosting

This hosting is located in Los Angeles, California, and was found in the year 2001. It has an excellent reputation. They have advanced advantages for the users who are engaging with them. They tend to offer unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases, domains, websites, and bandwidth. They even provide 90 days of money guarantees if you are not happy with the services. All over they provide outstanding client support through email, calls, and live chat. Mostly this hosting is suggested for the small-to-medium-size firm websites.


Bluehost is one of the famous companies in the field of web hosting. They are officially recommended by WordPress. In Bluehost, more than 2 million websites are being hosted and it is recognized as the broadly used hosting services. This too offers a free domain and SSL certificate with the unlimited website, storage, and bandwidth. They provide 24/7 professional customer support with an in this the WordPress installation can be done quickly with just one click. On the black Friday sale, you can get 75% off on the hosting services. They offer three plans named the starter, plus, and pro.


Under the endurance group, HostGator is one of the best and the most reputable hosting firms. This firm was founded by Brent Oxley in the year 2002. After ten years he marketed this to the web hosting conglomerate endurance international group. This one has outstanding features and all these features make the people choose this web hosting service over the other services. This provides Linux hosting and it has 24/ 7 customer support. So you can easily get support for various problems. They even offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Easy control panel access, one-click setup, and 45 days money-back guarantee features are even provided by them.

Flywheel hosting

Three friends joined together and found the flywheel in the year 2012. Three of them tried different hosting services and it gave them the worst results. So, all the three decided to give the best-managed WordPress hosting services. Their main goal was to provide a hosting service that would be simple to use and it should encourage the users and get the right one for their business and brand.

This offers free SSL certificates and a demo website for 14 days. You can even change or upgrade the plan that you have chosen whenever you want. This even offers access to the error logs and the access logs. This also offers three plans like tiny, personal, and professional.

AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb hosting is a debt-free privately held firm. This firm offers reliability, transparency, and quality to the users. It has 101,025 plus customers globally. They consider all your necessities and provide all the hosting requirements. They have been in this service for more than 15 years and they never fail to satisfy their customers. They consider reducing latency and this will lead to loading your website or application in a fast way. Here you can configure a server before publishing. And you can choose the operating system, storage, RAID level, backups, and other benefits.


On the black Friday, the GreenGeeks prices are low and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This was found by Trey Gardner in the year 2008. Now they have shot up to hosting 300,000 websites with data centres in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. The founder of the company worked with eight different hosting companies. They have introduced the most powerful tech stack. The data center of Greengeeks is perfectly maintained with the proactive monitoring of the server and network. So, they offer a very reliable network. They did a tremendous job on both security and reliability.

Liquid Web

In the black Friday sale, liquid web lowers the price and their discount ranges from 30% off to a maximum of 60% off. The discount is valid throughout their plans including VPS, dedicated, and managed to host. It was found in 1997 and they have created a long history in hosting innovations. In the sale, they will provide double their bandwidth on VPS hosting plans with free migration. It holds its data and they offer 100% uptime SLA which you won’t hear from the other providers.

Final thoughts:

Therefore you can choose any one of the hosting service providers in the Black Friday hosting 2020 deals to get benefitted. Most of the bloggers buy the host server during this time because they will get a significant discount at these times.

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